Records Toolkit

Archives New Zealand’s guidance on information and records management

Best practice guidance for systems design

The key guidance listed below will assist organisations to ensure systems are designed with information and records management requirements embedded.

Archives New Zealand

High value and high risk information and records (16/F2). Word  (827 KB) PDF (95 KB)

Information and records management policy development (16/F10). Word  (830 KB) PDF (123 KB)

Integrated information and records systems, processes and practices (16/G2). Word (1.6 MB)  PDF  (170 KB)

Text messages (16/F3). Word  (830 KB) PDF  (123 KB)

Metadata for information and records (16/F8). Word  ( 830 KB) PDF  (117 KB)

Storage of physical records (16/F13). Word  (826 KB) PDF  (112 KB)

Appraisal (16/F14). Word  (826KB)  PDF (106KB)

Disposal (16/F15). Word  (826KB)  PDF (109KB)

Outsourcing business (16/G3). Word (1.7MB) PDF (217KB)

Minimum requirements for metadata (16/G7). Word  (1.6MB) PDF (194KB)

Local government

ALGIM Information Management Toolkit

Information Security

New Zealand Data and Information Management Principles

Guidance on Privacy Management


ISO 15489-1:2016 Information and documentation – Records management – Part 1: Concepts and principles

AS/NZS ISO 13028: 2012 Information and documentation – Implementation guidelines for digitization of records, section 6.2 and 6.4

AS/NZS 5478:2015 Recordkeeping metadata property reference set (RMPRS)

SA/SNZ TR 18128:2015 Information and documentation – Risk assessment for records processes and systems

AS/NZS 5050:2010 Business continuity: managing disruption-related risk

SA/SNZ HB 436:2013 - Risk management guidelines - Companion to AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 

These standards are available for purchase from Standards New Zealand